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The Best Free Company Email Address Provider – Dossierc

Free Email Addresses Provider – Collecting accurate details of the prospects makes the overall marketing activity difficult and time taking. Hence, to alleviate such business worries for the businesses and our clients, we introduced the www.dossierc.com, which provides the best way to generate the required details of companies directly from our dashboard that to free of cost.


Here we will let you know some more features that will help you a lot in the business propagation.



How’s Dossierc different?


The website takes you directly to the contact details of the target customers. You don’t have to connect with any data partners to get it. Hence, it helps in making the marketing activities faster and result-oriented. We understand the needs of the marketers and this is what made us create a straightforward way to generate the required business email lists. So, you just need to select the right business and download your selection, which is completely free.


Earlier marketers had to implement extensive market research and allocate certain resources just to compile the targeted customers’ data. We make it much simpler for them by providing it entirely free. You can find the free business lists from different technologies, industries, countries, etc. and also customize it based on your need.

Addition of quality customers’ data, list building, and verification is an ongoing process in our business. Hence, you will always get accurate details of the target customers.

Now, we have also added some new features. Just take a look at it:


Email Grabber


If you want to generate the email addresses from a particular website that you saw while browsing, you can now do it by using the email grabber extension. Since our data are fully transparent, you just need to log in to get quality data.


Email Appender


Do you already have a business list that has incomplete customers’ data? Are you facing problems due to incorrect data? Use our Email Appender to get accurate details of the customers to plan and execute an effective marketing campaign.


Email Verifier


Are you sure that the email lists that you are utilizing offer high deliverability? If not, then using our extension to verify the deliverability of the marketing contents will drive your business towards success.


So, plan better marketing activities and utilize the advantage of our new features. We will make your targeted marketing activities highly-rewarding. Visit our website www.dossierc.com to know more about the new features.

Source: http://www.dossierc.com